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Comparing Gas vs Diesel Marine Generators

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When looking for the best marine generator for your boat you will have to inevitably choose between a gas or diesel fuel source for the generator. Both types offer their own respective pros and cons which makes the choice seem even more difficult.

In order to make the choice clearer, this article serves to highlight the pros and cons of gasoline and diesel marine generators and why a diesel may be the best choice. If you’re ready to browse an extensive online catalog of diesel engine generator parts or for marine generator services be sure to visit Diesel Services of America today.


A major concern when choosing the best marine generator is how safe it is. Obviously, when it comes to electricity and a fuel source this concern is a very important one.  

A gasoline marine generator is characteristically less safe because the fuel source is much more volatile and flammable. The vapors from a gas marine generator are flammable and any open flame or spark near the genset could cause an onboard fire or worse.

In contrast, diesel fuel is known to be much less flammable and the vapors from a diesel marine generator are not explosive. This means you can be assured that the risk of fire is far less than with a gasoline marine generator.

Another safety concern when it comes to choosing the best marine generator for your vessel is the issue of carbon monoxide poisoning. Gas marine generators are known to cause carbon monoxide poisoning from the exhaust they produce.

Diesel marine generators are, by contrast, known to produce significantly less carbon dioxide exhaust than their gasoline counterparts. This makes overnighting at anchor with a generator running much safer with a diesel marine generator.


When choosing the best marine generator a major consideration is how much maintenance the genset will require. When it comes to maintenance and reliability, a diesel marine generator is often the best choice.

Gas generators are known to require much more maintenance than their diesel counterpart which means higher maintenance costs in the long run. Furthermore, gas marine generators have a far shorter lifespan, adding more cost to you.

A diesel marine generator is known to run for much longer periods of time and require less ongoing maintenance. This makes diesel a much more affordable choice in the long-term because they are sturdier and much more reliable.

Fuel Cost

The cost of fuel can quickly add up depending on which is the best marine generator for your vessel. The ideal marine generator is fuel efficient and for this reason, diesel is the best choice.

When compared to the same volume of gasoline needed in a gas marine generator a diesel generator is far more fuel efficient. Furthermore, the price of diesel fuel is generally less than the price of gasoline making it the most economical choice available.

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