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Diesel Engine Overhaul

Marine Diesel Engine Overhauls

 Diesel Engine Overhaul

Your boat’s motor will eventually require a diesel engine overhaul in order to continue operating. Call DSOA for an Estimate.

Your boat’s motor powers its entire operation, and it is subject to wear and tear. Over the course of time, your boat’s internals including its engine become damaged and suffer wear and treat that s a normal, natural part of their operation. You may have heard of the term ‘regular maintenance and this is a big part of making sure your baot stays running. For many things, you will be able to prevent problems and mitigate some issues. Although much of this damage can be avoided, or mitigated by having a regular repair schedule with a shop like DOSA, eventually some parts will fail and need to be repaired, or even replaced entirely. This is the nature of the beast as it pertains to diesel equipment, or in fact any combustion engine. When it comes time to perform major repairs or replace the engine, consider getting an ‘engine overhaul’. Here are some important reasons to consider not just a basic repair, but a total engine overhaul:

  • Enhanced Fuel Economy
  • More Efficient Performance and Power output
  • More cost-effective than total engine replacement.

You’ll be able to see signs that your engine is in need of a diesel engine overhaul. Some of these signs will be the way your boat operates compare dot when it was a newer, sluggish performance, poor fuel economy, or failed oepration are prominent signs. More specifically if your boat’s diesel engine has failed to the point of non-operation, you’d likely already be considering a complete replacement. Rather than totally replacing the engine, take it into our shop and see if we can overhaul it. with this process, we take the engine apart down to its core, inspect every nook and cranny, and clean and identify problem areas and total failures. From here we can determine what can be repaired, and what needs to just go and be replaced. Upon completion expect that the engine will perform at, or likely better than the factory expectations. Many of the following procedures are part of the engine overhaul services we have performed:

  • Total Motor Rebuild
  • Water Jacket Pressure Test
  • Rebuild and seat grinding of Cylinder head
  • Grinding of Cam Valves

An Engine Overhaul can bring your boat back from the dead, or give it a new lease on life! For more info on this service, or any of our other services. Contact DSOA today at: 954-781-1464.

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