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How does a Turbo Diesel Intercooler Work?

A Turbo Diesel Intercooler is an integral part of your engine- there to make an impact in the most efficient way possible!

Turbocharged and Supercharged

An intercooler is a special piece, usually placed on Turbocharged or Supercharged engines. It’s purpose is to round up the air compressed by the turbo and supercharger, and then strategically cool it. This lowers the temperature, therefore providing higher densities of air being pushed into the engine-which leads us into another incredibly important topic when it comes to why turbo diesel intercoolers function as they do. Power is absolutely key when it comes to having an optimally strong engine to get you from point A to point B. The key to having an extremely functional Turbo Diesel Intercooler is all in the science. A highly-functioning intercooler begins with the question, “What is air density?”. In the most technical of terms, it is the mass of air per unit per volume it takes up- this notion combined together with the techniques of intercooling creates the most success. Oxygen generally becomes more and more apparent with a greater degree of air density. Where there is greater oxygen, there is a greater degree of fuel being burned, which therefore equals more power!

Where’s the Air?

Another important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a Turbo Diesel Intercooler is where the air outlets are placed on it, as where they are is a huge indication of how they will actually perform. Flowing and cooling are big issues to take under consideration, because while some turbo diesel intercoolers may have a shape that suggests clear and smooth flow, the more important topic of concern is the capability to cool just as well as it allows airflow.

Promising Power

As this article has gone over thus far, turbo diesel intercoolers are highly complex tools, and therefore really require a thorough knowledge of how to use them and what they do to obtain the maximum usage out of them. There some important steps and guidelines to adhere to in order to get the most with your turbo diesel intercooler. Everything about a turbo diesel intercooler must have an appropriate design and size, otherwise the system in its entirety will fail to function as it was intended to. All in all, it’s oftentimes been recommended by some turbo diesel intercooler experts that you choose a large one, as it’s less of a chance for air to get caught within the actual intercooler and start blocking the cooling function due to heat build-up. Along with an appropriate sizing, an intercooler needs reliable, maximum airflow to be the best, and this doesn’t mean just slapping one on the front of a vehicle and calling it fully operational. It’s important to note that air needs to not flow through anything but the turbo diesel intercooler itself to be extremely efficient.

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Turbo Diesel Intercooler

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