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MAN Diesel Marine Engines

MAN Diesel Marine Engines

MAN Diesel marine engines are some of the most well-respected machines on the market. There is always a reason good companies build customer loyalty. It is no surprise that owners of MAN Diesel marine engines remain loyal to the MAN Diesel brand. Trusted for their durability, craftsmanship, and overall performance, MAN Diesel marine engines are one of the most common engine types brought in for regular service and maintenance. This is because the owners of MAN Diesel marine engines know and respect these amazing feats of engineering. All of these reasons make us even more proud to have received this year’s recognition for the most service work performed on MAN Diesel marine engines. Visit our website to find out more about who we are and why we a deserved of this recognition at the link provided here: Diesel Services of America.

The 2017 year is quickly coming to an end, and it ended on a good note for our company. Diesel Services of America was given the 2017 MAN Diesel Marine Engines Dealer Award this year. The MAN Diesel Marine Engines Dealer Award is given out to whatever marine engines services provider collectively performs the most amount of work on MAN Diesel marine engines throughout the year. The recognition comes from the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and is held until next year’s event. Every marine engine service provider in North and South America is considered, which makes it the honor of receiving it that much more significant.

Diesel Services of America is a service provider and distributor of diesel engines, generators, and other associated products including MAN Diesel marine engines and generators.Our different maintenance and repair services cover the entire spectrum of the various marine diesel engine and generator brands. This means we are proudly factory authorized by all of these well-known brands including Perkins, Cumming / Onan, Kohler, John Deere, Northern Lights, and more.

We provide a dockside service and perform regular maintenance for our clients to keep these engines functioning properly. No owner of marine diesel engines or generators wants to deal with the costly complications that neglect of these machines causes. Our dockside service was implemented to make the maintenance and repair process easier for our clients and is performed by our team of expert professional technicians. Our fleet of trucks comes fully stocked with anything we might need for the job and we stand by our guarantee to not leave until our clients are satisfied.

Diesel Services of America has been operating since 1981 and serves both the South Florida and Caribbean regions. CONTACT US if you have any questions and let us know how we can help you enjoy the benefits of your marine diesel engines for as long as you desire.

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MAN Diesel Marine Engines

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