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MAN Engines Specialists

MAN Engines Specialists

MAN is one of the strongest, most dependable and most popular marine diesel engines. If you are looking for a trusted MAN engine provider, Diesel Services of America is the best choice for you. Here at Diesel Services of America our MAN engines specialists can help you with any maintenance, repairs, onsite service or any MAN engines parts you might need. All of our service and maintenance parts are 100 % authentic! We were also recently given the “2017 MAN Diesel Dealer Award” which is given to the company that concluded the most services on MAN engines throughout the past year. Visit our website to find out more about us and what we do: Diesel Services Of America.

MAN Engines Specialists |  Maintenance

If you are a MAN engine owner, you know how important a routine maintenance and fuel injection services are for your engine. Routine maintenance will save you money from repair costs in the long run and give you a better performance overall. Here at Diesel Services of America, we know how important routine maintenances are and we can handle all types of diesel engine services as well. Our maintenances are done by our MAN engines specialists and they can also provide you maintenance wherever you are.

Click here to learn more about our diesel engine maintenance services.

MAN Engines Specialists | Repairs

We can take care of any minor or major repairs you need to get done. When getting a repair done for your MAN engine you need to make sure to see a MAN engine specialist and assure that your repair is performed carefully. Our MAN engines specialists have years of experience. We also offer dockside repairs for MAN engines. To read more about MAN engine repairs click here.

MAN Engines Specialists | Parts

DSOA also has a great selection of MAN engine parts and we make it easy for you to find any parts you need. We can help you find new, used, and hard to find parts for your MAN engines. We have many different parts in stock on our website. Check out a list of our MAN engine parts available below:

MAN Engine Primary Fuel Filter

MAN Engine Secondary Fuel Filter

MAN Engine Air Filter

MAN Engine Oil Filter

MAN Engine Fuel Filter Element

Click here to view more of our MAN engine parts and prices.

MAN Engines Specialists | About Us

Diesel Services of America has been in business for over 50 years and we are the #1 engine service in Florida. We are located in Fort Lauderdale at 2501 W State Road 84. Click here to view a Virtual Tour of our entire facility. Call us now at 954-781-0484 for a service appointment or any questions you may have. If you would like more information read our articles or contact us.

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MAN Engines Specialists 

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