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Marine Diesel Engine Power

Marine Diesel Engine Power

Marine Diesel Engine Power

When your boats marine diesel engine power is lacking, struggling, or suffering call Diesel Services of America to schedule an appointment!

DSOA’s Diesel Services is one of the finest diesel services for marine vessels in South Florida. We’ve been building better engines for forty years, and we’re proud of our reputation as a top-quality diesel service center. It’s no secret that people call us to ask how they can get more power in their boat, so today we want to provide you with the best option to do so. We’ll tell you how an overhaul, or a turbocharger can provide you with the boost you need!

A turbocharger(or even bigger one) is what makes the most difference when it comes to getting better engine power. ‘Forced Induction’ is the process by which vast amounts of highly pressured air winds its way into an engine in order to produce more power. Without forced induction, you would refer to the air intake on a boat(or car or truck) as a naturally aspirated one. Turbos are devices that provide the forced induction process to your engine. Snail-shaped rotational force mechanisms, also known as turbos, spool up off of the engine’s exhaust gasses as a result of the engine’s exhaust gasses. Many vessels already have turbo systems installed.

You may also increase your vessel’s power by adding a larger turbo, and our engine can be tuned to match it. We can also give you a quote on what it would cost for parts and labor to install and tune your engine if it does not come with one.

Additionally, if your engine is starting to get on the older side- it might be time for an engine overhaul. An overhaul is when your engine is rebuilt from the ground up. Overhauls a re long involved processes, but, are significantly less expensive than engine replacement’s. Over time your engine will become damaged due to natural wear ant tear. It will lose power, efficiency, and need repairs. At some point though regulars repairs wont be enough to keep the engine running at mecum power- if at all. At that time you’ll need to either replace the engine or consider an overhaul.

We can help you increase the efficiency of your diesel engine with a turbo by using DSOA’s experience and equipment. We’ve been working on many marine Diesel engine systems for over 30 years and are the leading Diesel shop in south Florida. For more information on what we can do, contact us today at


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