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Marine Diesel Repairs in Florida

Marine Diesel Repairs in Florida

Marine Diesel Repairs in Florida

Diesel Services of America offers the highest quality Marine Diesel Repairs in Florida of any shop available. There are not a lot of quality, trustworthy places to bring your boat. Many Diesel shops specialize only in rudimentary work and can’t go the extra mile to perform more complex tasks. Boasts are major investments that require time and attention in order to maintain their consistent operation and safe usage. It’s important then to know what shops can be truly tasked with the work of ensuring the longevity of your Marine Vessel. Read on to learn more about DSOA, and our services which include Marine Diesel Repairs in Florida.

Maintenance First!

We have been doing this for a long time- Diesel Services of America has been providing repair work for Marine Diesel engines and generators since 1981. We know Diesel. That’s why we can safely say your best shot at keeping your boat running as long as possible is by utilizing a regular maintenance schedule. We at DSOA provide scheduled maintenance services that will keep your Vessel Ship-Shape. There are many systems in place designed to keep your boat running, and these systems themself require updates of new fluids, new lines, hoses, oil, and inspections to ensure they are themselves working up to par. This is what we mean by regular maintenance.

Repairs Next!

Even with the most world-class maintenance provided by us at DSOA, you’ll eventually have breakdowns. That’s because our boats like any other combustion-powered machine, are subject to wear and tear over time. As mentioned above, there are systems in place we work to maintain, such as oil and coolant, designed to reduce the wear and tear your marine vessel causes itself through the standard operation. However, over time something is going to likely break down. When this occurs, maintenance alone isn’t enough and repairs will need to be performed. Often times this means working with a small existing part, possibly by even replacing it.  We carry and work with major manufacturers to provide only factory-authorized replacement parts, so you’ll never have to worry about quality when it comes to a DSOa repair


Sometimes there needs to be an extended level of attention given in order to return a Boat to a seafaring state. When your marine diesel engine fails completely, it’s time for a total replacement- or- an overhaul. An overhaul is a process of going through an existing engine block, removing all the failed components, and replacing and repairing those which can be saved. The process can be long, but the result is an engine that behaves as if it were brand new!

The Sea is an amazing place to be, and we know you want your boat running as long as possible to enjoy as many hours at sea as you can! Call DSOA today with any questions on setting up a maintenance schedule, Marine Diesel Repairs in Florida, or how we can enhance your boat performance!

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