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Pod Drive Installation

Pod Drive Installation

Pod  Drive installation

Diesel Services of America can  perform high quality Marine Diesel Services such as Pod Drive Installation, inspection, and repair.

Many boat users around the globe are increasingly opting for Pod Drive propulsion systems, such as the Volvo Penta IPS, in order to provide “thrust” or “movement power” to their marine vehicles. In addition to helping to better understand how a Pod Drive Propulsion system functions, the first step is to grasp what it actually is. Why are so many boats being produced or retrofitted with Pod Drive technology? Before pods were invented, an engine power was transferred into thrust by means of shafts, struts, and rudders.

The Volvo Penta Integrated Power System (or IPS for short) was the first pod drive system ever made (it was created in 2005). It works in conjunction with a boat’s diesel engine to create the pod drive system. The pod sits below the boat and connects to it via a pod drive. Despite the fact that a traditional drive system adjusts the torque directly rather than requiring rudders, pod drives can adjust to the thrust in a more straightforward manner than traditional drives. If there is a need to remove a pod due to damage, it may be separated cleanly from the engine in an emergency.

After reading this article, you now know what a Pod Drive system is, so why would you want to install one? In addition to the traditional drive system, there are several advantages. Diesel Services of America installs and maintains the most esteemed, most well-known Pod Drive system in the industry, the Volvo Penta IPS. It has two forward-facing pods with individual steering for each. In addition to twin counter-rotating propellers on the pods, the pods have two individual steering wheels. Compared to traditional drive systems, the following advantages are particularly noteworthy: Fuel efficiency and overall power.

Some Statics for what you can expect on average converting to a Pod  Drive Installation with Diesel Services  of  America.

On average you can expect to see approximately  30% lower fuel consumption, as well as 30% lower CO2 emissions. As far as sound goes you’ll be  pleased to know the IPs is quieter, and therre  is on  average  50% lower perceived noise. The  system takes up less  room and so generally those whop upgrade to a Pod drive system also find they have around 50% more onboard space. In addition, the range is 40% longer and the top speed is 20% higher.

Diesel Services of America provides Volvo Penta IPS Drive services and Pod  Drive installation to ensure they are running at top efficiency. We operate brand new installations as well as evaluations and troubleshooting. We also offer Pod Drive Overhauls and complete Pod Drive Upgrades. For more information on Pod Drives, rates, other services, or to contact us directly, please call us at (877) 255-7179 today. Our staff is ready to assist you, especially if you have any questions about Marine Diesel Maintenance and Repair.

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