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Specialty Diesel Engine Marine Services

Diesel Engine Marine Services

Day-to-day and month-to-month, there are many diesel maintenance and repairs to be done on a marine engine. Some choose to deal with these on their own, others rely on a maintenance plan from trained professionals. However, there are some diesel services that are far too complex and crucial to leave to just anyone. When this is the case, Diesel Services Of America is the place to turn. We have been providing specialty diesel engine marine services to South Florida and the Caribbean for nearly 40 years. We are factory authorized for major brands like MAN, John Deere, Volvo Penta, Yanmar, and others!



A diesel engine may reach a point where an extensive repair and cleaning is needed. An overhaul is the best way to fix all compromised components while keeping as many original parts as possible. 


So what exactly is an overhaul? 

It is a complex process where one of our expert technicians will completely disassemble your diesel. This allows us to thoroughly inspect and test each component of your engine. Over hauls should only be performed by factory-authorized technicians and shops. Factory Authorization is given out to shops that meet diesel manufacturers’ strict guidelines for the quality of both equipment and personnel. Special training, equipment, and factory setting requirements are provided only to authorized companies. This means that your overhaul will be done to exact factory specifications. Diesel Services Of America also has a full stock of discontinued and hard-to-find OEM parts, so you can be sure that only the best is used as a replacement for your engine. 

Overhauls are usually much more cost-effective than replacing your engine and save you money on fuel. These are the major benefits that everyone is after. However, overhauls are also usually much simpler than replacement. How is this possible, if what we stated above is true? It all comes down to how your engine is connected to the rest of your vessel. Replacing your engine may cause the need for an extensive reworking of your wiring and other components that support your engine. By overhauling your existing engine, you know that you already have all the proper systems in place. 


Pod Drive Propulsion

Pod drive is a newer technology that increases the efficiency of your inboard motor system. Previously, a complex network of shafts and rudders were needed to utilize the energy generated from your diesel to create propulsion. This would oftentimes lead to inconvenience in where/ how your engine could be installed. You were also not able to utilize as much power from the diesel. Pod drives were introduced in 2005 to remedy these issues. The compact Pod contains everything needed to turn your engine’s power into thrust. They improve fuel efficiency and decrease the amount of space you need to dedicate to the propulsion system. 


DSOA is a factory authorized to work with the original and most trusted Pod system, the Volvo Penta IPS model. We also have a stock of OEM Maintenance IPS parts. Installing or repairing a Pod Drive has many advantages, but not every shop is equipped to undertake the task. DSOA has been working on this technology since its inception and can make sure you receive every benefit without any complications. 


Diesel Services Of America takes pride in every piece of work we do whether its simple maintenance or complex specialty jobs. If you are looking for the absolute best in diesel engine marine services, trust no other! Contact us today with any queries or to schedule an appointment. 

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Diesel Engine Marine Services

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