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Understanding Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance in Ft Lauderdale

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Looking for marine diesel engine maintenance in Ft Lauderdale? Like most complex machines, marine diesel engines of all kinds still require maintenance service and care.

In a conventional marine diesel engine, the power is produced by hot compressed air igniting fuel sprayed under very high pressure into the cylinder head. A marine diesel engine does not use a carburetor to mix fuel and air or spark plugs to ignite the mixture.

Instead, marine diesel engines employ the pistons to compress the air, which causes it to become extremely hot and the fuel is ignited as soon as it is injected into the cylinder. Continue reading to learn more or contact Diesel Services of America to schedule marine diesel engine maintenance in Ft Lauderdale soon.

Understanding Marine Diesel Engines

Some marine diesel engines are fitted with a heater plug in the inlet manifold or a glow plug in the pre-combustion chamber of each cylinder to provide additional heat to the combustion air during starting.

Diesel engines are heavier and slower revving than gas engines, usually. However, they are also more reliable because they do not rely on external carburetion or an electrical spark for ignition.

Newer marine diesel engines use an electronic fuel injection system. In diesel fuel injection systems. fuel and air are mixed more thoroughly in the pre-combustion chamber before entering the cylinder. A diesel fuel injection system maximizes power and fuel economy and is also less polluting.

Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance in Ft Lauderdale

There are simple marine diesel engine maintenance tips that can help to keep your engine healthy over time. Protect your engine by avoiding long periods (more than 10 minutes) of idling in a “no-load” situation.

This is often done to charge batteries or cool refrigeration but if done repeatedly it will glaze the bores of the engine and cause premature engine failure. If the vessel is in a berth, the engine can be put in gear to create load at idle.

In order to make the most of your vessel, it’s important to have a professional examine, test, diagnose, service, and repair the engine routinely. If you are in need of marine diesel engine maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, remember to contact Diesel Services of America for assistance.

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Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance Ft Lauderdale

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