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Yanmar Diesel Engines

Diesel Engines: Looking at the Volvo and Yanmar Engines

Diesel engines have a multitude of purposes around the world due to the amazing design and low fuel use. This allows long operating hours and applications in industries where gasoline engines would not be efficient. Diesel services of America has a large variety of choices when it comes to diesel engines so that you can find one to fit all of your needs. Two of the most established brands of diesel engines that DSOA offers are Volvo and Yanmar.

Volvo Penta just made a statement announcing the launch of a recent model for future use in January of 2017. The new addition of a six cylinder engine is more efficient than previous models and has three new power settings: D8 IPS700, D8 IPS650 and D8 IPS600. The new models have a high power to weight ratio, meaning they will work great in vessels with compact designs where the engine can’t take up too much space. 2017 promises great new inventions and additions to the diesel engine world; more efficient designs and smaller sizes with more power are just around the corner. Volvo plans to unveil their latest design at the international boat show coming this December 2016.

Yanmar is another great manufacturer of diesel engines with a long history of production and use in many different industries. The company has been around since 1912 and began under the name Yamaoka Engine Workshop. in 1992, Yamaoka Engine Workshop changed its name to Yanmar. The word Yanmar comes from the Japanese word for dragonfly- or Yanma Dragonfly- known by names such as Ginyanma and Oniyanma. Yanmar has manufactured engines that have been used in marine, automobile, construction, and agricultural industries not only in Japan, but around the world.

Have you ever been on a vessel that is completely stranded at sea? If you have ever had the unfortunate occurrence of having to wait for a tow boat to come pick you up, you know the importance of a reliable engine and top notch maintenance. Diesel Services of America will do everything in our power to keep you running smoothly out on the water. We will maintain, repair, and replace any parts in you diesel engine and keep a log of all your maintenance work. Trust DSOA with the important job of keeping your diesel engine operational and safe. Visit us online at; give us a call at 954-781-1464; or visit us in house at 2501 W State Road 84, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33312.

Volvo and Yanmar Diesel Engines

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