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Diesel Repair Center

Diesel Vessel Generator Repair

Diesel Repair Center

Diesel Services of America is a top Marine Diesel Repair Center located in the southern sunshine state- Florida. Our technicians are highly trained, professional mechanics with years of diesel experience.  with Diesel Services of America, you can expect a wide variety of services available for your Marine Diesel Engines, as well as Generators. From 1981, DSOA has been servicing the marine Vessel Community and their boats, keeping engines and generators as well as their supporting components in ship shape! Read on to learn more about the various services we offer.

Maintenance and Repairs:
Engines are combustion-based systems. What this means is they rely on a series of contained and controlled detonations in order to provide large bursts of continuous power to a system. By their very nature, engines are self-damaging machines. To keep this damage to an acceptable level, many systems are in place to prevent heat and friction from getting out of control to a point of unreliability. some of these systems include oil flow reduce friction on moving parts, as well as cooling systems to remove and properly redisperse heat.

These systems are not perfect solutions, as even they are subject to wear and tear and can themselves break down, failing to mitigate engine wear. This is why regular inspections and maintenance at a Marine Diesel Repair Shop is so important. Marine diesel equipment is more complex than standard automotive gasoline engines and requires technicians with experience, and the proper tools like those at DSOA.

Better Performance:
Over time, even with world-class maintenance, the most cared for engine system will approach critical failure. Wear and tear is a natural part of these kinds of systems and when your engine is reaching its end- it comes time to make a choice. Replace, or Overhaul? at DSOA we provide Overhaul services to help bring a failing engine back from the brink. Replacing an engine entirely can be costly in just the purchase of a new engine alone, but can grow in cost as labor and modifications may be needed to retrofit a newer engine to an older vessel. At DSOA we can perform an overhaul that will consist of the following:

  • Cost-effective maintenance!
  • Engine disassembly
  • Cleaning and inspection of all engine components
  • Engine reassembly with required parts
  • Test run of the engine

With such an important investment like a marine vessel, don’t trust the continued operation of its engine to chance or cheap auto mechanics. Trust the Diesel Engine Services at Diesel Services Of America. For more information give us a Call Today: 954-781-1464

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