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Marine Diesel Service in South Florida: Why Diesel Services of America is Your Best Choice

Marine Diesel Service in South Florida

Diesel Services of America is the leader in marine diesel service in South Florida since 1981. Our team is dedicated to meeting your marine diesel requirements with dedication and expertise, and we service the Caribbean region and beyond. Our team has decades of experience and can handle routine maintenance, complex repairs, and everything in between. We ensure that your marine diesel engine performs at its best.

Comprehensive Marine Diesel Services

Diesel Services of America is proud to offer a complete range of services that are tailored specifically for marine diesel engines. Our services include:

  • Routine maintenance: Regular maintenance of marine diesel engines is essential for their longevity and efficiency. Our technicians are experienced in performing thorough inspections and maintaining engines, following manufacturer specifications. This ensures optimal performance.
  • Overhauls and Repairs – You can trust us to do the work with precision when repairs are needed. We use the latest tools and equipment to perform every overhaul and repair. We adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines, ensuring that your engine will be restored to its peak condition.
  • Factory-Authorized Sales and Service We are proud to have been factory authorized dealers and providers of service for the top marine diesel equipment makers, including MAN Volvo Penta John Deere and more. This means that we have access to the most up-to-date training, tools and parts. We can provide you with the best service.

Quality Replacement Parts with Worldwide Shipping

Our extensive parts department is a major advantage of choosing Diesel Services of America. We have quality replacement parts available for all major brands. We have the parts you need, whether they are common or difficult to find.

No matter where you live, our parts department can ship worldwide. We know how important it is to minimize downtime. That’s why we offer overnight delivery so you can get back on the boat as quickly as possible.

Why choose Diesel Services of America

  1. Experience and Expertise With more than four decades of expertise, we are equipped to handle any problem. Our technicians are highly-trained and experienced and capable of diagnosing, and resolving, even the most complex problems.
  2. The Latest Equipment We only use the latest tools and equipment for our services to ensure precision and reliability.
  3. Commitment To Quality : We adhere to strict standards of quality and follow manufacturer specifications for the best results.
  4. Authorized Service and Sales: As factory-authorized dealers of major marine diesel brands, you can trust that we will provide parts and services of the highest quality.
  5. Dockside Service Our professional fleet is available to provide dockside services anywhere in South Florida. Our expertise is brought to you directly, making it convenient and easy to receive the service that you need.

Serving the Marine Community since 1981

Diesel Services of America, founded in 1981, has served the marine community by providing exceptional diesel engine service. We have a long-standing reputation of quality and reliability, which has made us the largest marine diesel service and sales company in Southeast Florida. We are dedicated to maintaining this tradition of excellence and ensuring your marine diesel engine receives the best possible care.

Diesel Services of America can help you with routine maintenance, urgent repair, or replacement parts. Call us to find out more about our marine diesel services. Diesel Services of America is the place to put your engines.

Marine Diesel Service in South Florida

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