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Marine Engine Overhaul

Marine Engine Overhaul

Marine Engine Overhaul

It may be time for you to consider having a Marine Engine Overhaul, DSOA is here to help if your Engine has failed.

DSOA has been providing diesel engine and generator services in south Florida for more than thirty years. We have the necessary expertise and experience to perform the work professionally. As an engine and generator supplier, DSOA has developed a good reputation. Our services include diesel engines, generators, electric components, and other machinery. Over time, these machines become damaged and require regular upkeep, in addition to wear and treatment. Although much of this damage can be avoided, or mitigated by using a professional repair facility, eventually some parts will fail and require replacement or repair. This is the nature of combustion machinery in the same way that it occurs with diesel engines or generators. When the time comes to repair or replace the engine, consider taking advantage of an engine overhaul. Here are some reasons to consider performing an engine overhaul. First is Far better fuel efficiency, as with a refurbished and renewed engine you’ll be making better gas mileage. Of course better power and more engine performance especially if your engine is compelled failed. Its also much less expensive than replacing an engine altogether with a new one.

This is not the kind of task you’d want to trust to just anyone, DSOA has decades of experience.

You want to consider this service if your engine is old and has suffered usage and wear to the point where it is no longer performing close to the factory standard. If your engine has failed to the point of non-operation, we may already be considering a complete replacement. Rather than replacing the engine completely, come to our shop and see if we can overhaul it. With this procedure, we detail every cranny and nook of the engine, clean and identify problem areas, and then determine what can and needs to be repaired. Your engine will then perform as well as it did before, or better. Some of the following procedures are part of the engine overhaul services we have performed

  •  Engine Governor refurb and rebuilt
  • Water Jacket Pressure Testing service
  • Rebuilding  and seat grinding of Cylinder head
  • Grinding of Cam Valves
  • An Engine Overhaul can bring your boat back from the dead, or give it a new lease on life! For more info on this service, or any of our other services. Contact DSOA today at: 954-781-1464.

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