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Marine Generator Services and Sales

Marine Vessel Generator Repair

Marine Generator Services and Sales

You’re eventually going to need marine generator services if you own or operate a diesel-powered marine vessel.

Almost all diesel engine-powered boats that operate at sea regularly will have at least one Marine Generator on board, if not multiple. These diesel-powered pieces of equipment are vital to the comfortable and often critical operations of any marine vessel. Diesel Services Of America has been in the Marine Generator and engine repair, replacement, installation, upgrades, and sales business since 1981. this means we have well over 30 years of experience in maintaining these complex components. Eventually, sooner rather than late in fact your Diesel Marine Generator is going to need maintenance or even repairs to maintain operation. It’s imperative to understand why it is so important to take regular care of the generator, and what the generator even does for your boat.

On land, generators are used mostly the same way, or better stated, for the same purpose they are used at sea. Where there is a need for electric power, but no reliable permanent source of it, generators save the day. These gasoline or diesel-powered motor-based machines use combustion to convert fossil fuels into usable electric energy. a marine generator, however, is built a bit differently than its land-locked counterparts. Though they perform mostly the same functions, marine generators are designed with the idea that they will be constantly exposed to much harsher elements than a land generator. Moisture and salt are the two biggest factors as these can have an ongoing degradation impact on the operation of the generator.

Even though a marine generator is built to withstand the harsh conditions of being at sea for long periods of time, they will still suffer both the normal wear and tear any motor-based system endures, as well as dealing with the additional erosion of the salt and moisture of the ocean. Many luxury/comfort and critical components are operated on your boat by the generator, and for this reason, it’s likely you’ll want to keep it from breaking down while in the middle of a trip out to sea.  The best way to do this is to have all the systems on your boat, including the generator, on a regular maintenance and inspection schedule. This ensures that if something does break down, or is about to, the experts at Diesel Services of America can help you catch this before an excursion, and ensure the constant reliable state of your marine vessel. We also sell and install brand new generators as well.

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