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Marine Turbocharger Installation Service

Marine Turbocharger Installation

Marine Turbocharger Installation Service

Marine Turbocharger Installation Service is a complex process, trust the techs at Diesel Services of America with this type of work!

Marine diesel  engines  are built ocean-tough, nut with all things water-friendly, there are exceptions. The majority of engines designed for use in saltwater applications feature two main characteristics that set them apart from land-based engines: They require an extensive degree of cooling and they produce large amounts of steam. If you’re planning on operating your vessel as a home or hobbyist club, this article is for you- keep reading to discover everything you need to know about installing a marine turbocharger.

You may have heard of turbochargers before, or even owned  a care or boat with one- but do you know how they work or what they do?

What is a marine turbocharger and how does it work?

A marine turbocharger is a equipment addition that boosts the performance of a boat’s engines. Depending on the application and desired performance, a marine turbocharger can be similar in operation to a car’s turbocharger, or that of a motorcycle. The basic steps in the operation of a marine turbocharger are the same as those for other types of air compression systems, including the intake and exhaust systems. The major difference is that the engine is situated in the hull of the boat instead of being located in the engine-room area. A Turbocharger takes in massive amounts of  pressurized air and pushes it by force into the engine, allowing for lots more power at the same or even lower fuel cost.

So you want a turbo, but can you even install one? You should be aware there are of courser prerequisites:

Before you can even think about installing a marine turbocharger, you must first have obtained approval from your local authority to operate an uninspected boat in a specified area. You must also ensure that you have the required health and safety equipment in place to prevent any potential injuries or fatalities.

As mentioned above, this is a complex task. Unlike changing your vessel’s oil, or routine miniatous. Only trust a licensee Marine Diesel shop with this process. Beyond the actual mechanical labor itself, part of the cost will be  the  parts associated with the installation. Consider your boat may need better engine cooling to support the additional power output and heat produced, and on top of that, there is also th process of tuning the engine operation. With a new turbocharger, your boats engine will need to have its parameters adjusted in order to propel harness the new equipment safely , and effective. Conclusion

DSOA has many years of experience installing and supporting Marine Turbochargers and Marine Diesel Vessels.  Call today for more  info!

A Turbo can bring your baot to new power and speed levels! For more info on this service, or any of our other services. Contact DSOA today at: 954-781-1464.

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