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Marine Turbocharger Installation

Marine Turbocharger Installation

Marine Turbocharger Installation

Trust your Marine Turbocharger Installation to the licensed and trained mechanical team at Diesel Services of America. These devices can provide many benefits to your marine vessel.  At Diesel Services of America, we know diesel and we offer many services to install these devices. Turbos fall under a category of engine components designed to provide additional power to a motor via a process called ‘Forced Induction”. a Diesel turbo-powered marine vessel can produce more power and potentially save more fuel than a comparable boat not powered by a diesel turbo.

We mentioned forced induction, well forced is the name for the process by which larger than normal amounts of highly pressurized air is moved into the engine; far more than in a non-turbo powered or ‘naturally aspirated’ engine system. how this is done is via the turbocharger. These devices are composed of finned wheels that spin or ‘spool’ at incredibly high RPMs causing the air to be taken in en-masse and compressed for pressure.

Diesel Services of America works with many different brands and makes of turbochargers and related equipment. Even if you already have a turbo, we can still help by repairing, maintaining, or replacing it with a more powerful oneone. WIf you don’t have one installed yet, we can also give you a quote on what it would cost for parts and labor to install and tune your engine to work with a turbo. Because of the additional power involved, and components it’s good to know how and what to maintain and how often.

Turbos require a steady supply of clean, filtered oil as they spin at incredibly high RPMs. This causes them to generate substantial amounts of heat, to which a good well functioning cooling and oil system must be properly maintained. Additionally making sure there are solid air pathways with no leaks will keep the turbocharger from overworking itself to compensate for pressure loss. DSOA are experts on maintaining the Turbo system in your diesel engine. Here are some of the benefits of installing a turbocharger:

  • Increase the power of your engine!
  • Better performance and gas mileage!
  • Lowers emissions!
  • Improves towing capabilities and overall torque!

Turbo installations and maintenance are complex systems that should be approached by trained, licensed professionals. DSOA has been working on the many marine Diesel engine systems out there for over 30 years and is the number one Diesel shop in south Florida. For more information on what we can do to boost the efficiency of your diesel engine with a turbo, give us a call today at


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