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New Diesel Generators for Marine Vessels

Marine Turbocharger Installation

New Diesel Generators for Marine Vessels

Diesel Services of America specialize in Marine vessels including the repair and sale of new diesel generators for use at sea.

DSOA has been in the marine diesel service industry since 1981, and we are highly regarded as the go-to shop for any marine diesel needs. You can trust our highly trained technicians to properly inspect, service, and repair your boat’s equipment the first time! Our goal has always been to ensure our customer’s vessels are ship-shape as they say! Read on to learn more about our Generators for sale, and our high-quality, second-to-none repair and maintenance services!

You should know that all, if not the overwhelming majority of diesel engine boats that operate at sea regularly will have at least one Marine Generator on board, if not multiple. There’s a good reason for this, generators are a key component to operating your boat’s additional features and amenities. this is because much of the equipment vital to the comfortable and often critical operations of any marine vessel is actually powered by generators, not the boat’s alternator and engine.

Just like any other combustion-powered component, generators will cause wear and tear over time and need to be repaired or replaced. Usually, we encourage one to seek repairs and maintenance before such a failure, but nothing lasts forever and even the best, most well-marinated gens will eventually fail. Sometimes these failures are repairable, and other times you might find yourself looking at new Generators for sale. In either case, Diese services of America is here to provide you with a brand0-name selection and quality repair services.

Unlike generators built for use on dry land, like residential standby generators, a marine generator is built to withstand the harsh conditions of being at sea for long periods of time. Despite this-  it will experience breakdowns and need repairs just like any motor-based system. Many luxury/comfort and critical components are operated on your boat by the generator, and for this reason, it’s likely you’ll want to keep it from breaking down while in the middle of a trip out to sea.  The best way to do this is to have all the systems on your boat, including the generator, on a regular maintenance and inspection schedule. This ensures that if something does break down, or is about to, the experts at Diesel Services of America can help you catch this before an excursion, and ensure the constant reliable state of your marine vessel. We also sell and install brand new generators as well.

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