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Reasons To Own A Boat Diesel Generator

Boat Diesel Generator

A boat diesel generator is a fantastic generator choice for powering a number of important appliances onboard that require electricity to run. These appliances can include everything from the A/C unit to the GPS mapping systems which means the right generator is an integral part of any marine vessel.

There are a variety of marine generator types that come in a number of designs each with their own pros and cons. However, a boat diesel generator is the absolute best choice when it comes to powering a vessel’s electronics.

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Powering Onboard Electronics

Virtually every marine vessel has a wide range of different appliances and electronics that require electricity to function. Some boat owners choose to hook up these appliances to the main engine, this, however, is inefficient.

Connecting the electronics to the main engine can result in poor fuel efficiency and generally produces loud noises that can ruin any outing on your boat. Choosing a boat diesel generator is an energy efficient choice and diesel generators are generally quieter too.

Gas or Diesel Boat Generator?

You may be wondering why a diesel generator is the better choice over a gas generator. The use of diesel generators has increased in recent years and many of the world’s most prominent yachts and large ships make use of diesel generators.

There are a number of reasons for this but primarily it is because these generators provide the high performance necessary to power these vessels. Furthermore, diesel fuel is far more cost effective when it comes to fuel price compared to gas generators.

Another major reason for choosing a diesel generator is in regards their track record for safety. Unlike gas generators that emit carbon dioxide diesel, marine generators do not produce the same toxic fumes.

Safety, Performance, & Longevity

Diesel fuel is also far less flammable when compared to gas. A leaking gas generator could cause a fire at the worst possible moment when you are out at sea, unlike a diesel fuel generator.

As previously mentioned, diesel generators provide higher performance than their gas counterparts. This performance also means that a diesel generator produces more torque, which equates to more power.

Longevity is also a factor when it comes to choosing a marine generator. No one wants to deal with a generator that requires constant maintenance and repairs, especially when they’re out at sea.

A boat diesel generator can be relied upon to last much longer than a gas-powered generator. This longevity ensures that you will be paying less frequently for maintenance and repairs throughout the life of the diesel generator.

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Boat Diesel Generator

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