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Diesel Maintenance and Repairs

Diesel Maintenance and Repairs

Diesel Services of America is Florida’s top Shop for Marine Diesel Maintenance and Repairs. Call or Come in today. Our Technicians are highly experienced, trained, and licensed to work on commercial and consumer-level marine diesel maintenance and repairs. Diesel Services of America is known for providing a wealth of amazing and high-quality diesel services and repairs for your boats and their extended components. Since 1991, we have been operating as Florida’s go-to Marine diesel Service center because of the quality and variety of work we’re able to accomplish. Engines, generators, cooling systems, and more, Diesel Services of America does it all!

Your boat’s engine is a ticking time bomb of self-destruction, but this isn’t something that’s just happened it’s by the very nature of how the engine operates. Engines are moving metal parts that operate on explosive combustion powered by diesel fuel in order to produce the power needed to move your boat. Fiction and heat cause degradation o the very materials performing these tasks. Like any machine powered by combustion, there are systems in place to help reduce the damage to operation and regular use costs. This includes but is not limited to your oil systems for reducing metal-on-metal friction and erosion as well as a coolant system for moving and redispersing heat.

While your engine is responsible for causing combustion, producing power, and giving your boat the energy it needs to make trust, there are other components on your boat powered instead by its electrical diesel generator. Many appliances amenities and accessories on your boat require direct electrical energy in order to operate and run. For example, your boat might have a refrigerator for storing food or refreshments, a high-powered radio or sonar system for navigation and communications, or you might have an external Air Conditioning or fan system which isn’t natively powered by the boat battery, Many larger vessels have entire kitchens or other luxuries which the boat battery simply cannot power on its own. For this, you’ll need a diesel-powered generator.

If you don’t have a generator, DSOA can provide you with one which will properly power any external components. We have many selections, but most boat owners already have a diesel-powered generator installed. Part of our diesel maintenance and repairs programs is working on generators that have failed or are in need of repair. If your generator is failing, make sure to give us a call so we can schedule you an appointment for an inspection or repair son both your engine and generator today! Diesel Services of America will get your marine Diesel vessel running back into ship shape!

Our number is: 954-781-1464

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