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Power and Speed

Power and Speed

Power and Speed

Power and Speed are intertwined, and if these are your marine Vessel goals, then Diesel Services of America can help you to go fast!

Diesel services of America is South Florida’s premier location for Marine Deisel Vessel engine and generator work, replacements, parts, repairs, and maintenance. We offer world-class services performed only by the best trained and licensed marine diesel mechanics in the business. Diesel Services of America has been around since 1981, and in that time we have strived to build a reputation as strong as the engines that power our favorite aquatic transportation machines. That’s why you can always trust us with the work that needs to get done. In your quest for speed and power, there are a few things we can do to help achieve that goal. Read on to learn more!

First is maintenance.

Maintence, Maintenence, Maintence. It’s important to understand that any engine-based system is going to need work to keep it running smoothly. Many people come to us looking not nearly for more power, but to get back power they feel that they’ve lost over time. A big reason for this loss of power? Lack of proper maintencve. Get on regular diesel maintenance should with us here at Diesel Services of America. We know the ins and outs of keeping your boat ship shape and can help get it back to where it was if it’s lost some oomph. If you haven’t gotten any issues yet- great! Prevent them by giving us a call for a routine inspection and ensuring our boat is operating correctly!

Next are repairs and overhauls.

Sometimes there’s too much damage for your boat to maintain its maximum stock power under load in its current conditions. We can repair damages to external components but internal engine failure is another ballgame. often this means a replacement, or, if the block is salvageable an overhaul. An overhaul means going into the internals of your boat’s diesel engine and replacing and doing machine work when needed. The process is time-consuming but worth it, as the result is basically an engine that’s good as new without the cost of purchasing an actual brand new motor.

Turbo Power!

Lastly, if you really want to kick your powr and speed into overdrive, your boat will need a turbocharger. Turbochargers are a pressurized air delivery system that allows your boat to adjust its air-to-fuel ratio to provide substantially more engine power than it could on its own. Turbos work by spooling at extremely high RPS and pulling in large amounts of highly pressurized air, more than a normal air intake would for your boat’s engine. The result is anywhere from a little more power and a lit better fuel economy to explosive power and speed!

For more information, don’t hesitate to give DSOA a call today! Diesel Services of America- your #1 Diesel Marine Shop!

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