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MAN Diesel Parts

MAN Diesel Parts

Finding a factory authorized provider of MAN Diesel parts and services is an easy venture if you are located in South Florida. Do you want to acquire your MAN Diesel parts and engine services from the 2017 MAN Diesel Dealer Award winner? Of course you do. Fortunately for you, there is not another more reputable dealer of MAN Diesel parts and services than Diesel Services of America. Diesel Services of America is the sole recipient of the 2017 MAN Diesel Dealer Award and is a factory authorized service provider and distributor of MAN Diesel parts. Our team of professional marine diesel engine and generator technicians know all of the ins and outs of our job field and we distribute a growing number of MAN Diesel parts for all of the major brand names known and respected in this industry. 

We are honored to receive the 2017 MAN Diesel Service Dealer Award. This award is given to the top service dealer for MAN Diesel parts by recognizing the “most service work performed in 2017”. It is the only award of its kind and is given to the leading MAN Diesel parts and services provider in both North America and South America. As such, the recognition is not a complete surprise to our company and its team of employees who passionately provide a level of customer service that exceeds that of our competitors.

By pursuing our mission to put customer satisfaction first, Diesel Services of America has been operating successfully since 1981. Our central location in Fort Lauderdale affords us the opportunity to distribute all of our products, including our MAN Diesel parts, and enables our team to address all marine diesel engine and generator service needs throughout the South Florida and Caribbean regions. We offer a dockside service for most of our different marine diesel engine and generator duties. Additionally, we stand by our guarantee to not finish our job until you, our client, is completely satisfied with the outcome.

To be a completely well-rounded resource for all things involved in the marine diesel engine and generator industry we understand the need to distribute more than just our prominent MAN Diesel parts. That is why it was equally important to become a factory authorized provider of parts and services for other name brand marine diesel engine and generator brands. Some of the other popular brand name products we operate on and provide include Perkins, Northern Lights, Kohler, John Deere, and Cummins / Onan. And because of where we are located we offer a quick shipping and overnight shipping option that can be taking advantage of just about anywhere in the world.

Visit our website to view all of the different MAN Diesel parts and other marine diesel engine and generator parts we provide. You can also find more details on our services. Please CONTACT US if you have any more questions for us and watch our available videos on YouTube.

MAN Diesel Parts

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