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Services for MAN Diesel Engines- DSOA

MAN Diesel Engines

Diesel Services of America services MAN Diesel engines and turbomachinery of a variety of uses and applications. We also service Westerbeke, Volvo, John Deere, Perkins, Cummins/Onan, and Kohler.

Man Diesel is based out of Augsburg Germany and makes large bore diesel engines and various types of turbomachinery. There was a recent merger between the German side of the company and the Danish ship building company Burmeister & Wain to form the company MAN Diesel & Turbo SE in 2010. Diesel Services of America is highly knowledgeable in the mechanics of MAN diesel engines and can replace or repair your MAN units.

The Global impact of MAN diesel engines can be felt around the world. Ocean going giant vessels being propelled by MAN engines serve a variety of important purposes. There are cargo ships filled with trade goods and cruise ships filled with tourists. MAN creates electrical generators that are 9 times more efficient using the same amount of fuel as before. MAN diesel engines are only one of the many types of engines that we service here at Diesel Services of America.

Many times as a boat owner you don’t have time to go over every detail of the engine room and functionality of your vessel. It is very important to perform proper maintenance to keep you floating at normal operating protocols. Located in Ft Lauderdale Florida-the heart of South Florida’s yachting district- DSOA has everything that you need from original OEM parts, overhauling services, and repair of engine components and entire systems. We are a certified to work on MAN diesels as well as a myriad of other name brand engines. With our team of diesel experts, DSOA can get you back on the water no matter what problem you encounter. We have the latest state of the art equipment to test different aspects of your engine to make sure it runs properly as a whole. We take every precaution and step to ensure that your diesel engine is safe, functional, and lasts you years to come.

While servicing diesel engines is a huge component of DSOA, it’s not all that we do. We also sell replacement parts. If you are looking for a specific part for your engine, we have what you are looking for. Some of the in stock parts that we carry include:

  • adapters and adapter fittings
  • air filters and air cleaners
  • actuators
  • bearings
  • atomizers
  • thermostats
  • gasket cylinder heads
  • cable blocks
  • alternators
  • bolt kits
  • belt drives
  • ball bearings
  • brush exciters

We have got you covered even if you have an older or more obscure part. If this is the case, check out our hard-to-find maintenance parts store.

Having all of your crew and captains follow the proper safety protocols and running conditions are crucial to keeping everyone safe and your boat operating normally. DSOA is here to help you do that. Diesel services such as maintenance, repairs, and overhauls are all offered by us here at DSOA. We stand by our highly trained technicians and every repair we do. From huge two-stroke engines to smaller engines for yachts and daily leisure crafts, Diesel Services of America is your answer to diesel services and repairs. We are located conveniently off of State Road 84 just west of I-95 in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Give us a call at 954-781-1464 to speak with someone and get feedback on your engine concerns. Our staff is friendly and willing to help, so don’t hesitate with any questions that you might have pertaining to your vessel repairs.

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MAN Diesel Engines


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