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Volvo IPS System Services in Fort Lauderdale

Volvo IPS System Services

It is important to find qualified and experienced Volvo IPS system services to ensure this innovative propulsion system performs optimally. The Volvo IPS system is a revolutionary pod drive propulsion system that implements two separate twin propellers with forward-facing counter rotating blades. This design creates incredible advantages such as a reduction of fuel consumption (up to thirty percent) and enhanced fuel economy among others.

Maintaining and regularly servicing a Volvo Penta IPS drive will ensure that this revolutionary system continues to provide users with years of benefits while operating at top performance. Although the Volvo IPS drive can provide noticeable enhancements to the performance of a marine diesel engine system, it requires a skilled technician to service properly.

In the marine diesel engine industry, Diesel Services of America has remained one of the premier sources for high-quality parts and services for marine diesel engines of every kind. Our experience, state of the art facility, and focus on customer service have established us as a reliable Volvo IPS system services provider. Diesel Services of America is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and employ a highly skilled team of technicians that rivals any in Southeast Florida.

Factory Authorized Volvo IPS Sales And Services

Clients who work with Diesel Services of America can rely on us as a factory authorized service and sales provider for the largest manufacturers in the diesel engine manufacturing industry. Our Volvo IPS system services include pod drive propulsion installation, which can provide clients with incredible benefits for their operating engine. Some of these benefits and enhancements were mentioned above but others include secure and predictable vessel maneuvering, a reduction of propeller and suspension system noise and vibration, and an increased longevity to the vessel.

Diesel Services of America offers comprehensive services to ensure that the Volvo Penta IPS drive is operating efficiently including accessories and even expansions. These expansions and accessories can include high-quality interceptors, dynamic positioning systems, and advanced joystick driving and docking. Our highly skilled team of marine diesel engine technicians are able to provide customers Volvo IPS system services that can provide major enhancements including:

  • Reduced noise and vibrations of approximately fifty percent
  • Noticeable increase in acceleration capabilities
  • Increased top speeds of up to twenty percent
  • Approximately thirty percent reduction in CO2 emissions

Premier Marine Diesel Engine Service Provider

The Volvo Penta IPS drive system requires the right equipment and expertise to ensure that its benefits continue to be enjoyed by clients while at sea. Diesel Service of America has become the best source for marine diesel services of every kind that a client may need. The skilled technicians at Diesel Services of America are able to evaluate, inspect, diagnose, and repair a client’s Volvo Penta IPS drive system.

Our services, however, extend into every aspect of the marine diesel engine services industry and are able to keep the most important components and equipment of a client’s vessel is performing at peak condition guaranteeing a long operating life. Feel free to contact us today if you require any further assistance with your Volvo IPS system or if you need any other marine diesel engine services.  

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Volvo IPS System Services

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