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Volvo Penta IPS Drive Service

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Boat owners around the world are turning to Pod Drive propulsion systems, such as the Volvo Penta IPS drive service, as a way to provide movement power, or “thrust” to their marine vessels. There are many benefits to using this technology. However, first, it helps to understand exactly what a Pod Drive Propulsion system is, in order to ensure understanding why so many boats are now being produced or retrofitted with this technology. Before Pod Drive Systems was invented- a boat traditionally would move its engine power into thrust by using a series of shafts, struts, and rudders.

But, What is a Pod system?

The very first pod Drive system produced is the Volvo Penta Integrated Power System (or IPS for short), and it began being manufactured for use in 2005.  The “Pod” is installed below the shell of the boat and connects directly to the boat’s diesel engine system. The Pod is fitted with a transmission, an outdrive, and propellers. Many pod systems are installed in pairs, and unlike a traditional drive system, they adjust directly to the thrust so no rudders are required for steering purposes. Pods are designed to cleanly separate from the engine in case of an emergency so there is no hole or gap beneath the boat if the pod should be removed due to damages.

The benefits of Volvo Penta IPS

So now we know what a Pod Drive system is, why might you want to install one? Well, there are numerous benefits to the traditional drive system. Diesel Services of America Install and maintain the highest-rated, most well-known Pod Drive system in the industry, the Volvo Penta IPS. This particular Drive system features two forward-facing pods with individual steering for each pod. The pods also have twin counter-rotating propellers as well. Compared to traditional drive systems you will expect the following increased results particularly as it pertains to fuel efficiency and overall power:

  • 40% longer cruising range
  • 20% higher top speed
  • 30% reduced fuel consumption
  • 30% less CO2 emissions
  • 50% lower perceived noise
  • More onboard space

Diesel Services Of America- Professional Volvo Penta IPS Repair and Installation

Diesel Services of America provides multiple services for the Volvo Penta IPS Drive. We perform brand new installations, as well as do evaluations and troubleshooting. We also do various repairs of damaged pod drive systems, and complete Pod Drive Overhauls as well. For more information on Pod Drives, rates, our other services, or any other questions you may have please don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Our friendly and experienced staff is ready to assist you, there’s a reason we’re the number one Marine Diesel Maintenance and Repair service in Florida.

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