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Marine Diesel Maintenance Services

Marine Diesel Maintenance Services

Your marine diesel engine is much like a car engine or any other piece of machinery in one simple way. Maintain it and you’ll likely get a lot of use out of it. Neglect it and it’s probably not going to last as long. As time goes on and normal usage causes wear and tear on the moving parts, you need to have a maintenance plan that will keep your engine clean and finely tuned so it will run at its peak performance and proper marine diesel maintenance services will save you considerable money and time over the life of your engine. Taking care of issues that might not seem like a big deal now could save you from major headaches down the road. 

Small steps go into making a big difference in the performance of your marine diesel engine. Something as simple as keeping your engine clean can go a long way when it comes to the longevity of your engine. If you’re anywhere north of Jacksonville, you should probably consider winterizing your diesel engine. That in and of itself can go a long way in avoiding potential problems. Most importantly, marine diesel maintenance services at regular intervals and the use of quality replacement parts is critical in guaranteeing a trouble-free ownership experience. Here at Diesel Services of America, that’s what we do! Quality work and quality parts will always equal quality results!

Technical breakthroughs and advancements over time have made diesel engines more reliable and less likely to break down. However, you will always benefit from proper marine diesel maintenance services and some of the benefits include:

  1. Efficiency – Point blank, proper maintenance of your marine diesel engine will be one of the most important factors that helps to guarantee your engine’s efficiency. Over time, carbon can build up within the injectors and this can cause your engine to run less efficiently. This seemingly minor issue might not just reduce fuel mileage, but also create increased emissions. Allowing this to happen makes no sense when you consider that diesel engines are expected to last longer and be more cost-effective over their lifetime. That’s just one of the issues you might have with improper maintenance.
  2. Fuel Economy – Fuel economy from diesel engines continues to get better with continued technological advancements. A diesel engine today can offer 25 to 30 percent better fuel economy than its gasoline engine counterpart. Allowing your marine diesel maintenance services to lapse could affect your engine’s ability to perform at its peak level and that could keep you from attaining the best fuel economy possible.
  3. Engine Life – Diesel engines are known for their durability and reliability. While the typical gasoline marine engine has a life expectancy of 1,500 hours, the typical diesel marine engine is likely to last on average almost three times that at 5,000 hours. Additionally, you can expect that with proper marine diesel maintenance services that you can extend that upwards of 8,000 hours! Since diesel engines have a longer expected lifespan, you can expect that when it comes time to sell or trade-in your engine, that the value will be higher if proper maintenance can be proven.

Since 1981, Diesel Services of America has been providing reliable maintenance services throughout South Florida and the Caribbean. We’re at 2501 W State Road 84 just west of Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and for all of your marine diesel maintenance services, you can contact us at 954-781-1464 Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM and for emergency service, you can call that same number 24/7, follow the prompts, and someone will get back to you.

Marine Diesel Maintenance Services

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