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Marine Diesel Turbocharger

Regular Maintenance; Marine Diesel Turbocharger

Marine Diesel Turbocharger Installation

Diesel Services of America provides advanced Marine Mechanical services including Marine Diesel Turbocharger installation and repairs.

It’s no wonder why a Turbocharger is a perfect choice for those wanting to add more power to their seafaring ventures, since it can also increase its efficiency as well! A Turbocharger is an investment in your boat, so it’s important to get the most out of it. A Diesel Services of America turbocharger upgrade is a great way to do that!

It is entirely possible that your boat already came with a turbocharger installed as part of the engine setup, and DSOA can install one if necessary. A Diesel  Turbocharger is an incredibly efficient way of producing significantly more power for your diesel engine. In addition to any diesel-related service you can think of, we also provide this as well as the diesel-related services mentioned above for boats. Turbos can raise fuel efficiency, but their primary objective is to crank up an engine’s output by forcing it into operation.

A marine diesel turbocharger is an awesome component to get that extra power, and DSOA can provide it for you. We can provide the parts and the labor. Even if your engine is already equipped with a turbo, we can provide upgrades from the stock Turbo. We can also provide a cost estimate for what it would cost to install, maintain, and tune your engine with a turbo. Because of the increased power and equipment it requires, it’s important to know how and when to maintain and replace components and how to keep up with changes.

A well-functioning cooling and oil system is a must for Turbos. Since they spin at such high RPMs, Turbos generate a lot of heat, which must be properly managed. We also want to make sure there are solid airways that are not obstructed, so the turbocharger does not overwork itself to compensate for pressure loss. DSOA Turbocharger specialists are here to help. Here are some of the benefits of having a turbocharger installed in your diesel engine:

  • Firstly a Turbocharger is known for power, and that’s what installing one will get you- more power!
  • If extreme power isn’t a goal, your boat can be tuned to utilize its turbocharger for enhanced efficiency, as it will generate the necessary amount of power with less fuel usage.
  • Generally, lower emissions are possible and likely with turbocharger setups
  • Torque tends to be greatly enhanced, thus increasing aquatic towing capacity if this is a concern.

DSOA has been working on many diesel engine systems for over 30 years and has expertise in turbo installations and maintenance. In south Florida, we specialize in turbo Diesel engine systems. For more information about what we can do to boost the efficiency of your diesel engine with a turbo, call us now at (863) 949-1854.

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