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Where To Find MAN Diesel Engine Service

MAN Diesel Engine Service

MAN diesel engine service repairs and maintenance are a vital part of maintaining a high level of performance. Although MAN diesel engines are known to be some of the most efficient and reliable diesel engines on the market, they still require ongoing diesel engine maintenance to continue functioning properly.

If routine marine diesel engine maintenance and occasional repairs are ignored over time, minor problems like foul emissions or poor fuel efficiency can turn into more significant troubles. For this reason, Diesel Services of America is proud to provide our clients with the highest quality MAN diesel engine service in South Florida.

Our highly trained and certified technicians have the understanding and resources to ensure your MAN diesel engine continues performing at optimum levels. Learn more about the various diesel services we provide by reading the article below. To schedule a diesel engine service soon, contact Diesel Services of America to speak with a member of our staff.

MAN Diesel Engine Service Repairs

Each of our diesel engine technicians is highly trained and holds industry-leading certifications in order to provide you with the diesel engine service repairs and maintenance care you need. Every MAN diesel engine service that we provide strictly follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your engine’s warranty remains intact. 

Diesel Services of America was actually awarded the “MAN Diesel Dealer Award”, a privilege only given to the service provider that performed the most services on MAN engines all year throughout North America. This high level of experience ensures that your engine will be properly cared for and keep running as it should for years to come.

MAN Engine Maintenance Parts

DSOA’s parts department carries a full catalog of marine diesel engine maintenance parts, including an in-house stock of MAN diesel engine parts. Having access to these engine maintenance parts helps to make any diesel engine services more convenient for our clients while lowering costs.

Some of the MAN diesel parts we carry include:

  • MAN Primary Fuel Filter (51.12503.0052)
  • MAN Secondary Fuel Filter (51.12503.0061)
  • MAN Air Filter (SP2740)
  • MAN Oil Filter (51.05504.0104)
  • MAN Fuel Filter Element (51.12503.0069)

Whether you need to schedule a MAN engine service appointment or wish to speak with a member of our staff about locating any parts you need, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Contact Diesel Services of America or call 954-781-1464 today for direct assistance.

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MAN Diesel Engine Service

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